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About Us

We are VI Automation!

Founded in 2010, we have been providing automated turnkey solutions to industry since our inception. From the beginning, VI Automation’s mission has been to provide cost-effective automated solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage through increasedd productivity, lower costs, greater lowerto industry since our inception. From the beginning, VI Automation’s mission has been to provide costs, greater flexibility and better quality. We use proven, state-of-the-art technology to design, develop and build quality solutions that meet our customers’ specifications.

VI Automation works with customers of all sizes, in all industries and for any application. We work with our customers from concept to installation, and beyond, to ensure innovative solutions to meet their current needs and provide them with the flexibility to accommodate expanding needs in the future. Our commitment to quality ensures continuous improvement in all areas of our business, including project management, quality, technology, cost control and customer support.

1. Top Automation Engineering Talent

VI Automation possesses the top automation engineering talent in the North of Mexico. Three (3) of our staff engineers have served as Chief engineers for some of the largest automation companies in USA.

2. Project Management System

VI’s comprehensive project management system coupled with our detailed method of engineering and estimating, ensures that machines are designed, built, and qualified in a systematic, measurable, repeatable manner, each time, on every project.

3. On-Time Deliver Record

VI Automation possesses an excellent “On-Time Delivery” record. Our people, experience, management methods and tools, and “Power-On” milestone target, have all been instrumental in achieving one of the highest delivery-performance track records in the industry. We have attained and maintained this notable level of achievement since 2010 which coincides with the implementation of our Project Management System.

4. Standard and Modular 3-D Designs

2D CAD and SolidWorks 3D software are employed to achieve all mechanical equipment designs. Through the years VI Automation has built a considerable design library comprised of modular component designs that are used over and over again. Among the cataloged library’s most commonly deployed design standards are: Aluminum and Steel Machine Bases, 2 and 3-Axis Pick-and-Place Units, Side-Docking Pallet Stops, Tray Feeders, Presses and Controls Enclosures.

5. Industry-Related Design Experience

Since our inception in 2010, VI Automation continues primary service to the following Manufacturing Industries: Automotive; Health Care; Medical Devices; Office and Consumer Products; Renewable Energy; Sensors and Semiconductors; Thermal Products, RivetNut Fasteners and Robotic Systems.

Our Mission

VI Automation It's a company that maintains a profitable operation in continuous growth, based on customer satisfaction, while its shareholders generates attractive dividend, and its partners offers constant growth opportunities, training and remuneration nice.

Our Vision

VI Automation is a leading, versatile and flexible to market their products company, focusing on customer needs and satisfaction. It diversifies to increase its presence and market position in terms of what their human and financial resources allow.

Our Values
  • Honesty | Committed to truth
  • Integrity | Have strength of character
  • Delivering the promise | Maintaining confidence
  • Caring / Justice | Committed to justice
  • Opening | promote dialogue and reflection
  • Dedication to quality | Search continuous improvement
  • Constant improvement | Committed to learn
  • At VI Automation, we know that every project is unique. Each new assignment requires a set of procedures designed to accomplish a singular goal. We manage the industrial automation process by applying our extensive experience, knowledge, skills and techniques to execute tasks efficiently. Our management combined with thorough technical knowledge and communication is the key combination to achieving our customer’s milestones.

  • We drive and motivate our teams to deliver as per the agreed-to requirements
  • Ensure that the actual design meets the scope of the project
  • Create and track job project plans, including schedule, material and resources
  • Coordinate the work schedule with the cross-functional plan and ensures adequate staffing
  • Identify problem areas and provide solutions to the general project manager
  • Organize project-specific teams and represent them at cross-functional meetings
  • Ensure project development follows established process steps and conducts milestone reviews
  • Development of assignment schedules and present weekly project status to the company executive team
  • Establish, implement, and maintain operating standards and procedures for project reporting and documentation
  • VI Automation provides Project Management expertise in hardware design, cabinet building, electrical and mechanical installations and software engineering, including process simulation for automated cells
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